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My name is Slav Velkov, and I am a Bulgarian filmmaker and artist currently living in New York City. My quest in art is finding an honest and universal beauty, starting with the individual but ultimately hinting at a transcendent formal truth. I reference the three major artistic and ideological movements in the past millennia: monotheism, humanism, and paganism. Similarly to Early Renaissance art, I depict humans in a dimensional and idiosyncratic way. However, I place my subjects in a larger and often abstract formal structure to reconcile humanist anthropocentrism with Medieval asceticism. I also employ expressive montage and brushstrokes to infuse an intuitive and romantic spirit into my work. Three principles guide me:

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I believe ignorance is at the core of many social issues. By telling great stories, my work aims to inspire positive change in society.

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Whether through film, painting, or graphic design, I seek the most emotionally powerful, thought-provoking, and economical way of telling stories.

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Knowing the rules is important, but great art often breaks them. With my work, I challenge conventions to leave an impression on the audience. Click on the letters to see my inspirations.

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