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My name is Slav Velkov, and I am a Bulgarian filmmaker born in 2000 and currently living in New York City. My journey began in 2015 when my first script won Best Screenplay at the Nevena Kokanova Film Festival. Since then, I have been the writer, director, and editor of dozens of short films and commercials, co-founded a charity t-shirt brand, and recently had an assistant director internship on Lionsgate's The Bagman. I am passionate about painting, philosophy, and graphic design. Three principles guide my work:

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I believe ignorance and desire are at the core of many social issues. Thus, by telling great stories, my work aims to inspire positive change in society.

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Whether through film, painting, or graphic design, I seek the most emotionally powerful, thought-provoking, and economical way of telling stories.

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Knowing the rules is important, but great art often breaks them. With my work, I challenge ideological and structural conventions to leave an impression on the audience. Click on the letters to see my inspirations.

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