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I turn ideas
into marketable visual stories.

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In A New World, I present the story of a person enslaved by his desires. Rather than blame the system that controls him, I wanted to show that his willingness to abide and inability to resist desire keep the system alive. In the end, I do not say what a desireless world looks like. Instead, I show a visual metaphor: a coin in a pool of blood next to a human brain. The metaphor has various meanings, but its primary goal is to spark a conversation on what drives human behavior and how our habits make or break the status quo.



A college student discovers a button that can fulfill any wish. Driven by his greed, he becomes the wealthiest person on the planet in less than a minute. However, his actions have an effect: all this money was siphoned from the federal budget. BAM! A bomb explodes in the street. People protest against the government. A fully realized civil war rages all over the country. What is the boy going to wish? Is he going to fix society or let his greed control his actions?



In 2020, Bulgarian people marched on the streets to express their dissatisfaction with the prime minister's government. Years of corruption and racketeering had forced people to migrate or comply with the ruling party. I could not remain silent, and I decided to act. In ten sleepless days, Georgi Goshev and I shot, directed, and edited a 2-minute inspirational film about the movement. It had 4.5 thousand shares and more than 500K views on Facebook in just four days. Most importantly, it inspired people to go out and fight against corruption, greed, and lawlessness.







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My projects aim to inspire positive change in society.


I seek the most emotionally powerful, thought-provoking, and economical way of telling stories.


I challenge ideological and structural conventions to leave an impression on the audience.

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